KHP Orthopedic Bundle Success Featured in National Case Study

KentuckyOne Health Partners (KHP) has been featured in the CAPG 2017 Case  Studies of Excellence publication of high performing ACO’s for success managing the Medicare Orthopedic Bundled Payment Initiative. In Year 1, the program achieved significant results, decreasing length of stay and hospital readmissions, as well as generating $2 million in savings for Medicare patients….

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Trump Care Won’t Change Our Focus

Even amidst talk of repeal, industry experts and KHP firmly believe value-based programs will continue under “Trump Care” (see recent articles in our MACRA Resource Center). For the foreseeable future, KHP and our provider networks will remain focused on our 2017 Priority Metrics – 10 Key Quality Measures that will improve the quality of care…

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Are You a Brand Name Offender? Consider These Alternatives

Are You a Brand Name Offender? Consider These Alternatives Often a simple switch from a brand drug to a therapeutically appropriate generic alternative can help alleviate patient financial burden and ultimately increase medication adherence by reducing the cost of copays, decreasing the need for prior authorizations, or preventing coverage denial from insurers. Consider small changes…

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