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Call 877.543.5768 and let KentuckyOne Health Partners help:

  • Find primary care providers, specialists or facilities for your care
  • With questions about a new diagnosis, medications, weight loss or smoking cessation
  • One on one support from our clinical team to coordinate care

Improve your health by working with our Care Management team
At KentuckyOne Health Partners, we want you to be active in improving your own health. Our care managers are available to assist you achieving your health goals by connecting you with valuable resources.

Our health coaches can work directly with patients and their primary care providers and become involved in health improvement activities. For example, they may help you find resources to better manage chronic conditions. In addition, our health coaches work to help you reduce the amount you pay for services by choosing providers and facilities within the KentuckyOne Health Partners clinically integrated network and by selecting the most cost effective medications.

The care management team is employed through KentuckyOne Health Partners and is focused on your individual needs. Everyone on the team is experienced in helping you set goals, overcome barriers to a healthier lifestyle and provide support in managing chronic conditions.

Have you scheduled your Annual Wellness Exam? This important yearly examination with your primary care provider includes a check of your weight, cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure, a review of your medical history, immunizations and medications, and discussion about appropriate screenings such as mammogram and colonoscopy. Your provider will help create your personalized prevention plan.

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