Do you have high out of pocket costs for your medications? Talk with you provider about generic alternatives.

Do you take medications with high out of pocket costs? Often a simple switch from brand to generic can lower costs and provide the same benefits. Check out the list of often prescribed high cost medications below and the generic alternatives. Talk with your provider or pharmacist about lower cost options.

Commonly Prescribed Brand Drugs
 (often expensive, may require prior authorization or not covered by insurers)
Possible Therapeutic Alternatives
(typically covered on lower tiers)
Crestor atorvastatin
Lyrica gabapentin
Dexilant omeprazole
Bystolic carvedilol
Pristiq venlafaxine ER
Plavix clopidogrel
Myrbetriq oxybutynin chloride
Uloric allopurinol
Lumigan latanoprost
Livalo atorvastatin
Welchol cholestyramine
Nasonex fluticasone
Glumetza metformin ER
Abilify aripiprazole
Vyvanse amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts ER
Benicar losartan
Trilipix fenofibrate
Vesicare oxybutynin chloride
Nexium omeprazole
Cardizem LA diltiazem ER

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